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What is VCity?

VCity (also known as Igorsclouds) is the "interactive heart" of our Adult Lifestyle Community City. VCity is a collection of individual miniblogs featuring homemade amateur erotic photos and videos of each VCitizen. The registration of a basic VCity account is free.
The general VCity homepage is located at The VCity Homepage.

Sexual Content at VCity

The owners of the VCity miniblogs (=the posters) post mostly sexual homemade content. They can add text, images and videos to their blogs. They are free to upload any homemade content they wish, as long as the uploaded material does not violate any US or European law, e.g. pictures or videos showing underage persons, any type of animal sex, pain, extreme fetishes and such are strictly prohibited. The footage must be owned by the poster. VCity does not tolerate any reposts of internet footage. VCity is a community of real people showing their own real photos and videos.

User Levels: Who can see what?

Upon each upload the poster can decide by himself which type of user will be able to see his footage. There are three different user levels on VCity:
Unregistered viewer: Can look at those posts which were posted as "free, for everyone". Less than 5% of all posts are posted for this user level
VCitizen: Requires free registration. Allows user to look at those posts which were tagged as "for all VCitizens". VCitizens can like and follow others.
VResident: Requires membership for a flat rate. A VResident can look at all photos and videos at the highest quality avaliable. VResidents can exchange personal messages and private files and access live text and camera chat as well as access the archives and every blog back to day 1.
More about the three user levels is under About VCity User Levels.

VCity Profile Page

Every VCitizen has a dedicated profile page. This profile page shows his profile photo as well as the "profile information" entered by the VCitizen.
Furthermore the profile page shows the number of posts, submitted contris, followers and more. You can sent a PM to a VResident from his profile page.
You can reach the profile page of each VCitizen or VResident by clicking on his nick name.

Dedicated VCity URL for each Blog

Every VCitizen and VResident has his own dedicated subdomain name at For example 'JoeDoe' would have the URL

VCity Guest Book

A dedicated guest book for each VCitizen, allowing other to post text messages. "Threaded" replies and conversations between two or more persons are supported. The individual guest book can be reached from each profile page.

VCity Notification Center

The notification center keeps track about all messages and replies at a central place. Example: VCitizen JoeDoe left feedback on JaneDoes contri. Three days later JaneDoe replies to his feedback. JoeDoe will be notified about the reply. As the functionality of VCity grows, more types of notifications are being added constantly.

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